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5 Best Morning Meditation Topics: Plus a Bonus Guided Meditation

For a long time now, I have made it my goal to wake up with purpose and start my day with a meditation, intention or request. I have found that a few specific topics really get my day going and actually cause an elevated, uplifting vibe that I just can't resist sharing with you!

These are my 5 Best Morning Meditation Topics for you:

1. Happiness

Meditating on Happiness is pure bliss. It's almost guarunteed that you will have a smile on your face. Imagine the sun shining in on you, think about the thing that makes your most happy, or in your mind's eye imagine a big, cheesy, smiling face. Happiness lifts your spirits and is a perfect way to launch your day.

2. Abundance

Abundance can be a tough one to sit with. We tend to block this flow on a rather regular basis. So, use this time to imagine a beautiful relationship to abundance; whether it's abundance of money, laughter, love, etc. Imagine any chains, bricks or walls tumbling down to create a FLOW that brings abundance. What color is abundance to you? Allow abundance to bring in a new day.

3. Vibrant Health

I love this one! Just saying "Vibrant Health" makes me perk up. During this meditation topic, imagine every cell in your body being replenished, repaired and restored. Feel yourself being tenderly cared for and feel a freshness that washes over you. Keep this meditation going until your entire body feels renewed.

4. Love

This can be such a broad category, Love. However, if you can focus on your heart space during this meditation, you'll be amazed at how much lighter and more euphoric you feel. Invision your heart expanding in the color green. See the green grow and soften your heart space. Bring a nurturing, forgiving and compassionate vibe into your body. Continue to expand that loving green energy through your entire body and then begin to share & expand that energy bubble to your family, friends, community and beyond... to infinity. We you open your eyes, you'll feel ready to lead with love.

5. Gratitude

When in doubt, give gratitude. Whether it's morning, noon or night, gratitude has a way of making things better and putting life into perspective. In this meditation, close your eyes and begin to think about all the beautiful, wonderful, simple, glorious things you are grateful for. This can range from your family members, to your garden, to the way the barista made you smile. This morning meditation can set you up for success in seeing the world with rose colored galsses.

Give these a try. Maybe you rotate topics each day or dedicate a whole week or whole month to one specific topic and see how you grow, expand and journey through this process. I'd love to see how you do and what you experience. Share your experience here in our Awaken Your Soul Sisters & Misters Facebook Group!

As a BONUS to support you on your morning meditation journey... listen to your FREE GUIDED MEDITAITON BELOW. This meditation is all about happiness, so feel free to use it as part of your morning routine.

5 Day Meditation Challenge
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