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Womb Embrace - 4 Week Online Course

This is for you to learn to connect, communicate and embrace your little one with spiritual guidance


The pregnancy journey is a beautiful, tiring and exciting one. You and your growing baby deserve to get the most out of it.

Be guided through meditation, movement and ways to connect with your baby

This will be a calm, gentle experience that keeps you feeling good while prepping your body, mind and soul for baby.

- This 4 week course will be online and interactive.

See class schedule and BOOK your spot here.

Mommy & Baby Connect- 1:1 Sessions

We'll work together for a 3 month (or more) time frame to engage in connecting, communicating and embracing your belly and little one alongside a spiritual platform.

Precious, beautiful time to honor your body, mind and soul and how it connects and flows with your growing baby

- Discover meditation techniques, movement tips and soul awakening exercises to support you on your pregnancy journey and welcoming your bundle of joy into this world.


Is this right for you? Find out- Let's Chat!

Mommy Time- 1:1 Healing Session

You have all the jobs in the world being a Mommy. This is an opportunity to have some healing, loving, compassionate time for you

- Relax, Shift, let go, heal or create something during this time together

* relationships with self and others * feeling worthy or confident * releasing fear * conversations around money * past patterns and stories that are no longer serving your highest good * learning to listen and hear your intuition * simply meditation and breath as a way to honor the Mommy that you are

Learn More & Book Here

Meditation Miracles Course

This 4 Week Meditation Miracles Course will support you in creating a flow and intention behind your meditation, which will support in all areas of life. This is your opportunity to go deeper and expand your realms of possibility!


- Do you have a desire to meditate, but you're not sure where to start?

- Does the thought of meditation frighten you- the practice, the possibilities, the 'being still'?

- Have you tried to meditate before, but felt like you were unsuccessful?

- Do you LOVE meditation, but feel there is a deeper place to access?


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