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For years, and even before I even knew who Elyse was, I had the recurring thought in my head about picking up meditation. Through divine synchronicities, a friend of a friend introduced me to, the one and only Elyse. Here is where my journey with Elyse began. She demystified meditation, and was the catalyst, mentor and cheerleader for me and my spiritual journey and awakening. My journey of awakening was a gradual and loving process with Elyse. Its like she blew the dust off of my spiritual bottle and exposed the beauty of my truest self underneath the dust. I am forever grateful for having her in my life! Switching to live from a spiritual mindset has enhanced my life dramatically. As I tell Elyse, once awoken, never asleep. A true miracle and gift from God. I love how I am able to 100% take my religious upbringing in the Lutheran Church and mesh it with what Elyse and other great teachers have revealed. It validates everything and fills in the gaps that had been missing in my religious upbringing. I have never felt closer to God/Source Energy, my decided loved ones and my higher self. Elyse for sure is my spiritual cheerleader. She is patient with my ego while firm with my spirit, gracefully and elegantly allowing it to show itself. Elyse is real, loving and patient. All amazing qualities of a great teacher.

- Emily Rettig, Pilates Instructor, Mom of 2 & Healer

I am a life coach and I normally like to coach on the science of your brain. Elyse has helped me tap into my intuition with my clients and my work. Shortly after working with her I had an intuition to drive across country and bring the Facebook community with me and it was transformative. My business grew to 6 figures in roughly 12 weeks which feels like overnight and she's helped me manage the emotional toll coaching takes when working with lots of people on a daily basis. She also is in the process of helping me do some deep healing in my personal life with relationships. Since working with Elyse I definitely trust myself and my decisions a lot more. My "gut" decisions. I feel inspiration comes to me more often and I act upon it quickly. It's getting me out of my comfort zone which always causes growth. We also have very different manners of doing business and it's challenging me to expand my perspective. All amazing things!!! - Stacey Smith,  Life & Business Coach & Founder of Diva Business School

The Awaken Your Soul Goddess Retreat has been one of the best experiences of my life! I got to tap into my inner Goddess that exists deep inside of me that no longer will stay inside. My body and soul are rejuvenated and ready to conquer anything! Elyse is my Angel! She has supported me through every exercise and has truly held the space for my breakthroughs and my greatness. I could never thank her enough for this gift! - Deanna Meijer, Middle School Physical Education Teacher

I loved every second of The Goddess Love Workshop! It was beautiful, heart-opening, joy-producing, empowering, authentic inspiration, and embodiment-of- the-feminine pure love fest. I can't imagine a better way to cleanse my soul and spirit than to be in a scared container with gorgeous from the inside out women, having Elyse as the healer and catalyst for profound change and transformation. Thank you for creating such a truly life-changing workshop! - Carrie Jane, Life Transition & Grief Coach

Very glad to have been a part of this [Meditation Miracles] course.  It was informative and extremely helpful in deepening my knowledge and relationship with meditating. I discovered that I love meditating with the sun and feel my connection to meditation is stronger in the presence of the sun. I learned that focusing on my breathing gives me a more focused meditation. I came to understand how much more I can use meditating in my life. (Tasha now speaks in front of many different audiences, sharing her story and inspiring others).- Tasha Champion, Mother of 4, Breast Cancer Survivor, Speaker & Coach

I have been working with Elyse for over a year now, and all I can say is that she is AMAZING. If you are willing to do the work, to be open, and be vulnerable, the personal and emotional breakthroughs that you experience will be life changing. Elyse is truly gifted and is a blessing to everyone’s path that she crosses. Elyse has helped me in many ways including; self love, forgiveness, clarity of my life purpose, and most importantly, the confidence and certainty to take risks in the name of growth and dream fulfillment. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life.- Telicia C Gordon, Business Empowerment Coach

Oh my gosh, I'm not even doing the same things in my business! I got that much clarity. When I first started in the mastermind group I was a Career Coach helping people find clarity on their right careers. By month two of the mastermind I was so clear that my direction needed to change and focus more on the mind/body connection. I started incorporating movement/dance into my coaching and everything changed. This was much more aligned to me and because of that found my ideal clients easily. In addition I became more clear on my own psychic gifts and gave myself permission to include my spirituality in my work. Because of our work together, I now feel like my work is a pure reflection of who I am and what I am meant to be doing in the world. I loved every minute of working with Elyse! - Laura Snyder, Life & Movement Coach

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