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Elyse Falzone is an Intuitive Healer and Energy Alchemist who supports her community to create intimate relationships with their Intuition, activate their unique DNA and awaken their Divine spiritual gifts. Elyse connects with her clients through immersive & interactive experiences, guiding and holding space for them to let go, open and expand... allowing them to honor their inner voice and live out their souls’ expression every day.


Elyse also serves as a Spiritual Guide and Lifestyle Mentor for business professionals, CEOs and business owners who are striving to lead from a connected, heart-centered place and are seeking alignment for self and business. In addition, she is the creator and facilitator of the Certified Healers Course, Co-Founder of Awake & Soulful Podcast & Retreats and is sought out as a master energy healer and guest expert for retreats, workshops and stages around the world.

A Deeper Look:

I am a mid-west gal from Indiana who loves to inspire and empower people to LOVE their lives. I am a mommy to two beautiful little boys and a wife to the best husband in the world.


Movement is the beautiful expression of our souls and sometimes we forget to drop into our hearts and listen to the body. We are all a part of Divine creation and God & Spirit speak to us and through us every day. The question is... are you listening?


While growing up, I was tested many times with health challenges (metal toxicity from my braces, thyroid issues, kidney stones, severe cystic acne, melanoma skin cancer...) and the strength and recovery of my body (bone chip, ankle surgery, slipped disc in my back, miscarriage...).  During this time, my connection with God deepened and the Holistic Wellness industry became very near and dear to my heart. It was through herbs, massage therapists, color therapy, prayer and homeopathic remedies that I was able to soar back to health. It was in these moments, I heard the calling and I knew I would be a healer.


Another struggle I faced growing up was speaking my voice. I was an elite level gymnast and dancer growing up, a diligent, high striving student, performer in musicals and was taught to be the best I could be. Although this all sounds lovely... I found it hard to find my OWN voice, my OWN goals and my OWN desires through the goals and wishes of my teachers, mentors, parents and coaches. It felt as through everyone else had my life figured out for me, but never really asked me what I really wanted. Of course everyone wanted the best for me, but as a little girl, the way I interpreted it was that my voice didn't matter and I felt my self- expression was lost.


Discovering joy and expression in dance... I  decided to move out to Los Angeles, with my now husband, to pursue my career in the entertainment industry- performing, teaching, judging and choreographing. Having a love for the wellness industry, I also became a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (Swedish, Sports, Prenatal/Postnatal, Reflexology, Reiki, Hot Stone). During the recovery of a shoulder surgery from Melanoma 5 years ago, I realized I had more to offer and could make a larger impact in this world. I met a friend who introduced me to health coaching through Herbalife, taught me leadership skills, and brought out my authentic self. My life has never been the same.


This journey has led me to teachers, experiences, events, trainings and certifications that have given me the opportunity to grow, blossom, transform and continue to create my vision for the world. (Some include, Mastery in Transformation Training, Spirit Junkie Master Class 1 & 2, Speaking in front of multiple thousand people, Coordinating major events, Choreographing for audiences of over 20,000 people, and so much more.) Each step along the way has invited & challenged me to awaken to my own unique gifts, own my personal power and deepen my connection with God and my Higher Self. Now I get to give that back and show people what’s possible for them, travel the world with my family and continue to give back to the community.


I am the creator and facilitator of the Certified Healers Course and love to speak and facilitate for different retreats, events and conferences. Through intuitive healing, yoga, nutrition and my passion for women… I get to motivate, inspire, and empower people to dance through life- living with JOY, LOVE and PASSION.

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