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I'm Ready to Live My Passion

1:1 Healing/Coaching Journey

Helping you to remember the TRUTH of who you are!

It's time to live your passion and share your gifts with the world.

Are you ready to discover your spiritual gifts & talents?

Awaken your born given gifts and learn how you can use them for you and be abundant and prosperous in sharing them with others

- Are you desiring to be a healer, launch your project/business or share your story?

APPLY for your 6 Month Transformation HERE


Discovery Call

Not sure you are ready to make a decision?


Curious about my services or what to expect?

Use this time to get to know me & I can get to know you

Share what you are wanting to heal, talk through, let go or create. We'll chat about options and what might best serve you moving forward.


This 20 minute discovery call is FREE:  BOOK NOW

Weekend Awakened

A getaway and VIP retreat dedicated to YOU!

This is a deep dive into your world. Relaxation, Adventure and Awakening.

- Imagine a weekend of self-love, energy clearing, self discovery, connection to Higher Self, deepening of your Faith, Angels, crystals, sunsets, great food, yoga and other fun activities, radiant vibration and a clear direction on moving forward

APPLY HERE to be considered for this event (Only 7 happen each year!)

Certified Healers Course

Now is the time. It's YOUR time.

Your Spiritual Gifts are ready to be discovered, explored and shared.

This is a comprehensive course on healing... how to become a healer using your intuition, natural healing abilities and a desire to help others.

This is also a chance to ENHANCE those skills you've already got. Be able to serve your clients at a higher vibration and service.


BOOK YOUR FREE 20 Min Healing/Coaching Discovery Session Today


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