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10 Reasons Why Nature is So Awesome

For the longest time I would get all annoyed being in nature... the bugs, the smell, my ankles itch because of the grass, it's hot, I'm cold, etc. I didn't understand the power and beauty of nature. I was definitely taking it for granted.

Along my journey of deepening my connection with God, understanding my own emotional pains that needed healing and opening up to my purpose, I discovered just how great nature really is. My intuition kept calling me and luring me spend time with nature. Mother Earth took on a whole new meaning. Nature is a HUGE reason for my healing. I'd love to share some ways that I believe nature is so friggin' awesome!

1. Nature was created by our Creator.

2. Nature gives us oxygen. An opportunity to deepen our breath.

3. The colors are vibrant and offer an array of artwork for your viewing pleasure.

4. There is always something new to learn when discovering nature.

5. Flowers bring smiles to those you love.

6. Nature reminds us that we are all in this together. Life is larger than us.

7. The way that nature can ignite your senses is priceless; the textures, the vibrant aromas, the visual design and even the feeling that you get when you are present to it.

8. The healing properties of nature are precious.

9. Due to the high energetic vibration, nature allows you to connect to Source and your Higher Self.

10. Nature provides a space to play ball, play tag and have family BBQ's.

Next time you are in nature, stop and smell the roses, literally! May you have a beautiful day filled with blessings from Mother Nature.


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