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All About Crystals
(Healing & Chakra) Course

A 5 Week Energy Frequency Journey

Crystals are one of nature's most powerful resources.


From their different energies and vibrations, to striations and attributes, they carry with them such powerful tools to support our physical journey.

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 * Have you always had a love for crystals, rocks, shells or fossils?

 * Have you been searching for a space to ask all of your crystal questions?

* Do you know you have that 'inner voice',

but have no idea how to understand it, trust it or use it?

* Are you constantly drawn to things like spirituality, crystals, astrology, angels and all things Universe, but haven't quite understood how to apply them in your life?

* Do you have a desire to make a change in order to create more

presence, joy, peace and love into your life?

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PAUSE…for a moment,  and IMAGINE what it would feel like to be confident in how to use, implement and enhance your life with the different resonances/energies of crystals!


Crystals teach you about HEART-CENTERED GRATITUDE!

It feels so significant and sweet to share that right now. It manifests itself as a DEEP compassionate, appreciation for the earth, God and that which is greater than us.

There is ancient, coded-information embedded in each of these stones. It’s just simply really profound!


  • A yoga teacher that could soon offer crystal suggestions to your students during class?

  • A mom that simply wants to get relief for their kids challenged sleeping patterns? 

  • A corporate mogul that can combat the computer and EMF fatigue?

  • A leader in your company or office, who could help provide more grounding during this wild global climate?

  • A friend that can identify the perfect stone to wrap-up as a small gift and drop it to support someone with a specific life challenge?    

  • A family member that loves to clear and cleanse your space and can help place powerful stones around your home to support the well-being of everyone under your roof?

If so...

The All About Crystals (Healing & Chakra) Course may be for you!

  • Imagine feeling MORE GROUNDED walking into a meeting you've been pouring so much time and energy into

  • Imagine helping a loved one reduce inflammation and pain in her hip with an amazing chunk of fluorite

  • Imagine knowing to choose a rose quartz to lay on your chest while you fall asleep to help open your heart and breath space


We are going to reach a more powerful connection with your deeper knowing! In turn, this will be a guide post and a channel to God, Universal Energy.

This can equal better relationships, fulfillment in life, more abundance and a balanced harmonious experience AND environment.

Imagine being confident that in your anxiety-ridden moments, and YOU can use crystals to support. Through this, you can be a whole different, TRANSFORMED person.

It’s just simply one of those LIFE SKILLS that you want to have in your tool box!


"Elyse your authenticity and leadership are refreshing, you share willing and uplevel others out of their comfort zone, as well as hold us accountable to

our stuff."

- Bianca Page

Author, Spiritual & Relationship

Coach, Mama


“I release the belief that playing safe brings comfort and will replace it with going from my gut, following my intuition/inner voice all will work out beautifully!


Thank you my beautiful Elyse for

holding space for us!”

- Lori Arbel

Artist, Healer, Mama of 2

About The Course


The All About Crystals (Healing & Chakra) Course is a 5 week energy frequency journey that will quench your crystal curiosity and offer you deeper healing, deeper connection to Mother Earth and deeper relationship with yourself.

The depth, the healing, the ancient wisdom and knowledge, the quick-reference guides, the chakra alignment & support, and the DEEPER-DIVE into your Intuitive Self.


You'll discover how to fully incorporate crystals into your daily life SEAMLESSLY!


 You'll gain a STRONGER intuition as a result of knowing how to really work with powerful earth stones and frequencies. 


You'll get clear about what’s calling for your attention in your body, what needs to be healed (and how to support the healing)... better understanding your own energy system.


FEEL CONFIDENT in knowing families of stones, understanding and trusting the pull that you’ll have toward certain stones, and a trust in choosing which stones through understanding their attributes

There are so many frequencies of the earth








Mother Earth Grounding

You'll grow a richer, deeper relationship with Mother Earth & yourself.    

You’ll have a skill set to attune and align your own Chakras.

The All About Crystals (Healing & Chakra) Course happens online.

You'll have 24/7 access to your training videos, meditations, workbooks and other files that are available to you throughout the course.

Along with all the course materials, you'll also receive ACCESS to 2 BONUS Recorded Crystal Sessions to dive deeper.

As of right now, there will be no refunds available. The time, energy and attention going into this program is for you. And it's 5 weeks. And you'll have access always!

This is lifetime access for you!




Tuning Into Crystal Frequencies - Learning to Listen, Feel and BE With Earth Frequencies

-Get to Know Specific Stones, Their Properties & When to Use Different Forms

-Discovering a Deeper History of Crystals

-Activating the Communication Lines Between You & Your Crystals


Understanding Your Body Talk... What She Needs, What She Calls For & What Stones Can Support

- Breathwork to Connect & Communicate With Your Body

- What Crystals Can Support Certain Aliments & Energetic Healing For You & Family

- Waking Up Your Intuition in Relation to Crystals


Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra Healing & Crystal Support

- Grounding and Protection Methods

- Aura Clearing & Energy Sweeping

- Creativity, Relationship, Fertility, Money, Courage, I AM


Heart Chakra, Throat & Third Eye Chakra Healing & Crystal Support

- Activating Communication & Vision

- Processes to Open Energy Channels

- Forgiveness, Peace, Self Expression, Truth, Trust, Vision, Life Purpose


Crown Chakra Healing & How to Create Your Own Crystal Grids

- Manifesting Tools and Practices

- Intuitive Methods of Choosing Crystals & Building Your Grids

- Rituals, Practices and Ways To Incorporate Crystals Daily

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You Might Be Thinking...


It’s the New Year, and there are lots of spaces and places to be in. The All About Crystals (Healing & Chakra) Course is a really yummy space to be, and so many skills you can learn!


Like me in the past, maybe you’ve struggled with who to ask your questions about crystals? Even for me, sometimes knowing who to trust to learn a new skill, or dive deeper into an interest/calling, can be nerve-wracking. I understand. It's so important to feel into trusting and knowing your inner guide.


And maybe you're drawn to crystals, but don't know why. Or maybe there are some concerns founded in a religious upbringing.


No, we don't pray to the crystals...they hold frequencies that we access and use for targeted support.


The beautiful thing don’t need to purchase a bunch of different stones. We’ll teach you how to streamline and buy a few crystal staples and teach you how they can cross-support many areas of your life.

There are certain crystals that I do not own, but I‘ve learned how to tap into their energetic frequency. And you'll learn this too!


The questions you have about where to find crystals, and crystal resources will be answered through the course:

  • Feel confident choosing the most high quality stones, how to source them and how to evaluate them.

  • Know where to get the top boxes, displays, where you can “mine your own gems” and more.

  • Understanding/knowing the power of different types of stones, raw vs tumbled, chunks versus palm stones, what sizes are supportive for different needs/uses.

A Bit About Your Guide


I’ve been in your shoes before, just getting started with stones, or maybe even somewhat familiar.

For more than 10 years, I’ve devoted myself to helping women sharpen their intuitions, dive deeper into the trust in God’s voice and use the God-given tools and talents already at their disposal. 

I am a spiritual guide, energy healer and women’s spiritual business coach. I help women connect and activate their intuitions, and one of the beautiful tools that supports my client’s and I are these powerful crystals.

Crystals are one of my absolute favorite tools to bring into awareness and add to women’s spiritual tool-belts! 

When we work with crystals…

The power of the crystals do the work, we don’t have to force anything.

That’s one of the reasons I love to work with them, because they embody their own incredible frequency.

I'm also so grateful to have worked with and sourced crystals from well-known wholesalers, the founders of Crystal Muse and Serenity Rocks and done custom high-end crystal shops for clients, including personalized healing sessions with their curated crystals.

I always have a grounding stone (or several) with me in my purse, my pocket or in my travel make-up bag. There's been so many times I haven't expected to need it, and it's come in so beautifully helpful!

Many nights, I will fall asleep holding a small, raw tourmaline chunk.

It's SO grounding- try it!

I have even used my kids amber teething necklace as an inspiration to relieve inflammation in my neck.

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Are You Ready?


We are so committed to you gaining a deeper understanding of your own energy system, about what’s calling for attention, whats wanting support, to be cleared, to be healed! 


Envision understanding more of what your body needs, and how that can help you live a better life because you have a tool to connect and heal.


Your curiosity will be quenched. Your searching and questions will have clarity and support.


Understand the power of different types of stones, raw vs tumbled, chunks versus palm stones, what sizes are supportive for different needs/uses.


You could now be able to:


- Sleep through the night

- Support your child's digestion

- Be able to go outside and sit with peace and clarity for the first time in a long time

- Help ease chronic pain

- And, so much more…


I’ve been present to incredible moments with clients, friends and family members! Their first-hand experiences with connecting to their baby more during pregnancy, financial abundance through extra sales a work and how many use a common mineral to set/clear the space around them everyday!



"You have supported me in a way of revealing my true authentic self... Allowing my inner child girlish charm, gratitude for life, self and the flow to grow and glow."

- Angelynne Songco

Artist, Digital Creator, Mama of 4

“ I have increased both my confidence and my sense of inner peace. Meditation is now a part of my daily practice, and I truly feel that I have more access to my higher-self and divine team than before starting with Elyse!”

- Camille Telicia

Coach, Goddess, Podcast Host

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Basic Advanced

  • 5-Week Course with Weekly Video Lessons On-Demand

  • "Quick Touch Guide" PDF to the Top 50 Crystals

  • 5 Deeply Guided Meditations (with a specific crystal)

  • "All About Crystals" Course Workbook For Each Week

  • "Crystal Resource List" (Displays, Boxes, 'Mine Your Own', etc)

  • Lesson on 'How to Create Your Own Crystal Grid'

  • TOTAL VALUE- $1,299... But That's Not What You'll Pay





Receive EVERYTHING from above PLUS

A Personalized, Intuitive Crystal Shop Just For You!

I will be tuning into your energies and gathering the crystals that are ready to come play with you. You'll be able to use these crystals during the journey with this course.




Questions? Email:

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