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There are so many different ways to connect, learn and work with me.

I honor your journey and invite you to look below, take a deep breath and tap into your heart... asking HER what journey may be the best for you.

Not sure?

BOOK a Passion's Discovery Call

with me to find out!


What Do Your Angels Have To Say

During an Angel Reading, we connect with your guides, Angels and Divine Team to bring through messages specifically designed for you. Sometimes your loved ones that have crossed over will...


Deep Dive Healing

(Live or Virtual) 

These sessions & VIP Days can bring healing & coaching in a number of areas: chakras, past lives, ancestreal healing. connecting with your Intuition, understanding life purpose, abundance breakthroughs... 


Expand Your Skills, Become a Certified Healer

This is a beautiful way to dive in and learn the skills and tools to develop your own innate Intuition amd unlock your own inner wisdom. This is a comprehensive course on healing and discovering ... 



& Adventures

I have joined together with Gina Starbuck for adventures of a lifetime: spiritual retreats designed to nurture you, restore your soul & ignite soulful living. Up next they have Destin, Fl & Costa Rica on the schedule...


Ignite Your Intution & Learn Spiritual Practices

Check out these beautiful self guided courses and programs that will support you in your own spiritual practices, healing & personal growth as well as developing your Intuition. Meditation, chakras, womb...


Monthly Activation & Healing Calls

Each month, Gina & I co-host a beautiful community healing call on the 4th Thursday of each month. These are powerful meditations, healings and activations that support you in your daily living. These video...

It is my joy and pleasure to guide and support you in connecting with your intuition, teaching mindfulness and daily practices, deepening your connection with Faith & Spirit, healing from within and awakening your soul and spirit. Whether you choose to work 1:1 with me or as part of a group program, I will hold space for your transformation and create a space of love, light and acceptance. 

My clients have experienced a wide range of results including,

- Learning and staying committed to a daily practice (meditation, yoga, gratitude, etc)

- Understanding personal worth and self love

- Speaking in front of groups of people, small and large

- Going from $30,000 income to over $100,000 within a 4 month time frame

- Healing past hurts and welcoming forgiveness

- Rediscovering or discovering for the first time a relationship with God

- Alleviating physical, spiritual and emotional pains

- Connecting with passions and joys of life

- Discovering and awakening spiritual gifts & talents

- Launching & elevating businesses

- Learning the ins and outs of healing self and others

- How to connect with Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones

I am looking forward to connecting with you and being your partner in the transformation and miracles in your life. Take a look below at some of the ways in which we can work together.


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