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1:1 GirlBoss Healing / Coaching

Elevate & raise the vibration of your business.

It's time to lead from your Intuition.


No more looking left or right to see what others are doing. You are a POWERFUL woman and your insights, creations and abundance get to come from WITHIN!

Are you ready to discover your spiritual gifts & talents?

Awaken your born given gifts and learn how you can use them for you and be abundant and prosperous in sharing them with others

* Connect to Your Intuition

* Let go of Anxiety & Stress

* Lead Your Business from a Spiritually Connected Space

* Gain Clarity & Abundance

* Create a Business Filled with  Joy, Happiness & Love


Sessions are Interactive: Creating Breakthrough & Healing in ALL areas of life


GirlBoss Intuitive Healing & Coaching Program

All Programs and Packages are unique and specific to YOU.

Based on your desires, needs and goals, we will access what course of action is best for you. For some it's once a month and for others it's multiple times a week! Regardless, it will, most of the time, include a variety of sessions and implementation weeks (in person or video call depending on location). You will also receive follow up email support as well as phone support, at home exercises/processes, resources and action plans and more. 



– You will be met with compassion, a sacred & safe space and guidance throughout.

– Each session is conducted over video chat or in person and is 1 hr in length.


– Each session provides the opportunity for you to take a journey to honor your inner voice, surrender and use self-expression as your soul’s true purpose. .


– Some of the techniques you may experience during a session: Guided Meditation, Energy Healing, Yoga Practice,  Reiki, Intuition, Angel Tarot Cards, Singing Bowls, Breathing Practices and Fun/Adventurous Activities.





Each of us has what's called a chakra system in our bodies. It's an energetic system, made up of 7 major energy centers, that represents different areas and regions of the body. When these are out of alignment, we tend to experience illness, chaotic energy in our lives, become more accident prone, feel stuck, discouraged or filled with fears. Each charka center has a specific vibration and correlation to specific physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. Through sound movement, and energy, these energy systems can be balanced and bring you back to feeling your best self.


You will experience crystal gemstones being placed on or around your body to create different energy patterns, draw out negative energies, align chakras, heal physical, emotional and spiritual pains and to energize the body. For many, many years, crystals have been a source for healing, transforming the spirit, inspiring insight, rejecting negative energies and balancing the body, mind and soul. These magnificent structures grow from the depths of the Earth and they conduct energy as receivers and transmitters. The crystals can deepen and enhance the tablework done between practitioner and client. Different crystals have different meanings and illicit different results. Each session may result in a completely different grouping or grids of crystals being used.


A majority of the crystals used in these particular sessions are blessed and charged by the entities that work with the master Medium and Healer- John of God. He has a beautiful healing center in Brazil that I had the wonderful opportunity to visit, received healing and learn about enhancing my own abilities. The energy of these crystals are potent in the best possible way. Come enjoy this beautiful, radiant experience.


Flower Therapy is the art of working with flowers, their essences and Mother Nature in order to create healing and energetic shifts in body, mind and soul. Nature has a beautiful way of healing our hearts and souls. This is a very gentle and graceful way to do healing and energy work. Working
with flowers, in combination with connection to your Angels and Guides, many different outcomes are available including... emotional healing, aligning your chakras, letting go of hurt or the past, connection to Source and Intuition, new opportunities, health, career and more. Flowers have a character trait that allows you to really listen to your soul and what your heart is saying. Also, get guidance how you can use flowers in your every day life to support your healing, abundance, creativity and flow.

- Angel Readings

Angel Readings are a great way to connect and talk with your Intuition, Higher Self and Heaven. Our Angels, Guides and loved ones who have crossed over are always with us, sending messages and communicating to guide us along our path. The question is "are you listening?" Discover what messages are meant for you! Use the Divine gifts and messages as a way to heal past issues, become aware of how things are effecting your life or formulate your next actions steps. These readings can support in all areas of life including, career, love life, what’s next, health, family and other relationships, passion, travel, spiritual life and much more.

- Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing has to do with the relationship between our physical and emotional bodies. Using intuition, along with use of the other five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body.


Not sure this is for you?

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