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Angel Readings

Angel Readings are a great way to connect and talk with your Intuition, Higher Self and Heaven. Our Angels, Guides and loved ones who have crossed over are always with us, sending messages and communicating to guide us along our path. The question is "are you listening?" Discover what messages are meant for you! Use the Divine gifts and messages as a way to heal past issues, become aware of how things are effecting your life or formulate your next actions steps. These readings can support in all areas of life including, career, love life, what’s next, health, relationship with God/Spirit, family and other relationships, passion, travel, spiritual life and much more.

Book Your Angel Card Reading Below

 Within 48 hrs you will get an email or phone call to schedule your appointment


* Angel Reading – $175

Ask questions about any area in life

Speak with loved ones who have crossed over

Receive messages and answers that will support you in clarity and healing.




* Email Your Question- $77

Don’t Want to book a full session, but you have a question? 

Simply click below to pay the $77 and then submit your question below.

You will receive a voice recorded reading in your inbox within 48hrs.

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