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The Ultimate Spiritual Tune-Up 

A 21 Day Mind, Body, Soul Experience

Sometimes we get "out of whack" and "out of alignment" with who we are, what we want and how we express it in the world.

This 21 day journey is a powerful way to realign to YOU.

This is an opportunity to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual strength. 

 * Do you love the idea of a spiritual practice,

but have come no where near mastering one?

* Do you allow the stressors of life to get you down, lost or confused?

* Are you constantly drawn to things like spirituality, crystals, astrology, angels and all things Universe, but haven't quite understood how to apply them in your life?

* Do you know you have that 'inner voice',

but have no idea how to understand it, trust it or use it?

* Do you want, need and desire to have more YOU time?

* Do you have a desire to make a change in order to create more

presence, joy, peace and love into your life?


 Whether you are NEW to spirituality or

you've been around the block many times...

this tune-up and 'booster' experience is just what you need!


“ 'A daily spiritual practice doesn't have to be super regimented- it can be

free flowing and creative.'

That was a HUGE aha!

I turned on music by Snatam Kaur, and grabbed my selenite and quartz and closed my eyes and listened and sang along. And when I felt complete with that I grabbed this crystal book and flipped through it and read some exercises that sounded really intriguing and exciting.


Thank you so much Elyse for sharing how your daily spiritual practice works. “

-Corinne Cobabe

Photographer, Healer, Creator of

5 Wisdoms Project


"Elyse is truly gifted and is a blessing to everyone’s path that she crosses.


Elyse has helped me in many ways including; self love, forgiveness, clarity of my life purpose,and most importantly, the confidence and certainty to take risks in the name of growth and dream fulfillment. 


I feel so fortunate to have her in

my life."

- Camille Telicia

Business Empowerment Coach

The Juicy Goodness

What It's All About & What You Get


The Ultimate Spiritual Tune-Up is a 21 day mind, body, soul experience

(with a BONUS 4th week!) that will ignite your own personal healing and offer a ‘reset’ to your mind body and soul.

✨The Ultimate Spiritual Tune Up✨
A 21 Day Mind, Body, Soul Experience

Exercises, Meditations, Journal Prompts and so much more!!!

After these 4 weeks, you’ll experience a new relationship with your body,

reduce the amount of stress you feel, gain mental clarity, create/start a plan for your own spiritual health & well being, know how to connect to your intuition and begin to awaken your inner soul’s desires again.

This program will be offered as a:

Spiritual Tune Up 

Self guided program


A Quick Look at the Experience


External Surroundings​

Week 2:

Internal Knowings

Week 3:

Daily Spiritual Practices​


Messages Received​

Reduce the amount of stress in your life


Gain mental clarity


Get connected to your body again


Clear the physical, mental and spiritual space so you can experience life in a new, vibrant way


Begin or reconnect to your plan for spiritual health and well- being


Connect with your Intuition


Realign to your heart's desires and passions




You will have online access to all of your workbooks,

videos, training materials,

tools and exercises 


You will have access to our Awaken Your Soul Sisters & Misters Facebook Group for your support, accountability and a network of others who are

experiencing the training & transformation 


This is a self study course and experience with support through the Facebook group


21 Days of Awesome

What happens during the 21 days?

External Surroundings- WEEK 1

Cleaning up the fluff, the chaos and the clutter from your daily earthly world. There are meditations, journal exercises and physical actions that will guide you to declutter your external surroundings and begin to look, feel and live in your world with more presence, attention and clarity.

Internal Knowings- WEEK 2

This is your opportunity to clean up the insides. What do you eat? What do you read/watch? What do you do to get quiet? You'll get to dive into your internal world and get to know your body, your thoughts, your heart, your inner knowings and reconnect to what your desires are.

Daily Spiritual Practices- WEEK 3

This is a beautiful week of discovering what lights you up and what makes your soul tick. Learn and reconnect with tools, blessings, meditations and mantras that will enhance how you experience your life. 


Messages Received- WEEK 4

You have spiritual gifts and it's time to understand them and how you receive your Divine messages. It's a great lesson if you are newer to the awakening or a great 'booster' and reigniting if you have felt like you've been disconnected. Awaken to the gifts that are being delivered to you every single day.


The Ultimate Spiritual Tune-Up happens online.

You'll have 24/7 access to your training videos, meditations, workbooks and other files that are available to you throughout the course.

The Facebook group will be used as a fun, interactive way to connect with the other women who are working through the same process and experience.  I'll also be in there for cheer-leading support and bonus materials.

This is lifetime access for you!


“I release the belief that playing safe brings comfort and will replace it with going from my gut, following my intuition/inner voice all will work out beautifully!


Thank you my beautiful Elyse for holding space for us!”

- Lori Arbel

Artist, Healer, Mama of 2


"Thank you so much, Elyse!


I definitely also need to find a daily practice that works for me and stick with it. It is like working up a new exercise routine to hone new muscles! And it takes time to make those new

habits stick.


Thank you for boosting my confidence. Much love."

- Marie Corbitt

Nature & Forest Therapy Guide,

Artist, Healer 

Basic Advanced



Spiritual Tune- Up


(VALUED over $497)

* 3 weeks of Meditations, Journaling, Videos, Mind, Body, Soul Exercises

-External Surroundings

-Internal Knowings

-Daily Spiritual Practices

* Bonus 4th Week

-Messages Received

* Loving, Connected Facebook Group for accountability & support

* Self Study access to all the workbooks, videos, meditations, exercises


Hey! Hey! I'm Elyse Falzone.


I am thrilled to be your spiritual guide. As I've experienced my own journey of awakening and tapping into my spiritual gifts, as well as my own meditation and healing process, I am confidence in holding space for you to access and witness profound shifts in your life. 


I am a powerful, passionate intuitive healer and spiritual life coach. I am here to awaken women to their TRUTH and ignite more teachers, healers and guides into this world.

I have been on this journey, what seems like my whole life, and received countless support and training from teachers, mentors, coaches and courses for over 15 years. I have spoken as a guest expert for numerous podcasts, masterminds and webinars as well as facilitated women's circles, retreats and transformations all over the world.


You deserve self love, easy and flow in your life and to have the tools to not only witness the miracles, but to become a co-creator of them!


Love & Awakening,


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