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Soul Sisters Mastermind


with Healer Elyse Falzone

Welcome to a world where Soul & Business & Sisterhood meet up. I am thrilled to be launching my 4th Soul Sister Mastermind Group. The growth, connection, collaboration and laughter that these groups encounter are beyond words. You'll have to see for yourself all the miracles and possibilities that become reality when you join the Soul Sister Mastermind.

Who Is This For:

For Women Biz Owners- Specifically heart- centered, spiritual coaches, healers, teachers, bloggers who are en route to building and expanding a powerful business. You know what to do (of course you can always learn more), and now you are ready to be consistent and amp it up... taking your skills, ideas and execution to the next level.

It is my intention to connect you with your SOUL. Igniting your intuition and spiritual self to allow THAT to lead and guide your business. Flow. Manifestation. Easy. Grace.


***Please already be familiar with social media concepts, list building, blogs, websites, creating your products, speaking, running workshops and so on. It doesn't mean you have to have all of them, but be familiar enough to be a part of the discussion and able to offer your expertise in 1 or more areas. This will be an opportunity to learn and expand your own business, and also be in a space to practice sharing your knowledge!



5 Women will be accepted into the VIP group


What To Expect:

This is an opportunity to:



Bring Intuition into Business & Personal Life

Support Others and Learn Team

Grow Your Sisterhood

Share Ideas & Gain New Ones

Accountability Structure

Make More Money

Better define & refine target market

Crystal clear on daily actions

Be in a circle of Leaders & practice leadership skills

Trust Intuition &  Learn Self Care Practices


This is a 6 Month Commitment

March, April, May, June, July, August

- You will receive 3 different 1 hour group video calls each month

This will consist of a meditation, shares from everyone- struggles & wins from the week, brainstorming, a topic & discussion, closing with gratitude. Plus weekly tasks, projects and creations!

- Throughout the 6 months we will have 3 different- 3 hour Video Workshop Sessions

This will consist of a workshop style session. Projects, exercises ,meditation, shares from everyone- struggles & wins from the week, brainstorming, partner work, leadership activities, a topic & discussion, closing with gratitude.


- Daily Accountability with your partner

Simple 5 min check in for support, encouragement and structure to support you in accomplishing your daily tasks! We will also structure different accountability tasks and support systems.


Tentative Dates & Times

(Please do not base your decision on these times, as we will coordinate and negotiate times that can work with those who say YES!)








Decided between partners & groups


Welcome to the VIP GROUP

You will receive everything from above PLUS:

- An addition 1 Hour group call each month

- 2 additional 2 hour Video Workshops

- 4 different 30 min PRIVATE sessions with me

This is a wonderful way to have support in your business and life in MULTIPLE WAYS. You'll have more direct access to me. You'll have more dedicated coaching time, both in a smaller group & 1:1. THIS IS THE WAY TO GO if you are ready to FLY!


Meditation Miracles Course (Valued $497)

5 Day Spiritual Bootcamp (Valued $250)

30 Days to Change Your Life (Valued $97)

Laura Snyder - Mind & Body Life Coach

Elyse provides spiritual guidance, support, and tools to help grow your business in the most loving, open way.


Oh my gosh, I'm not even doing the same things in my business! I got that much clarity. When I first started in the mastermind group I was a Career Coach helping people find clarity on their right careers. By month two of the mastermind I was so clear that my direction needed to change and focus more on the mind/body connection. I started incorporating movement/dance into my coaching and everything changed. This was much more aligned to me and because of that found my ideal clients easily. In addition I became more clear on my own psychic gifts and gave myself permission to include my spirituality in my work.

Stacey Smith - Business & Life Coach & Founder of Diva Business School

I am a life coach and I normally like to coach on the science of your brain. Elyse has helped me tap into my intuition with my clients and my work. Shortly after working with her I had an intuition to drive across country and bring the Facebook community with me and it was transformative. My business grew to 6 figures in roughly 12 weeks which feels like overnight and she's helped me manage the emotional toll coaching takes when working with lots of people on a daily basis. She also is in the process of helping me do some deep healing in my personal life with relationships.

Since working with Elyse I definitely trust myself and my decisions a lot more. My "gut" decisions. I feel inspiration comes to me more often and I act upon it quickly. It's getting me out of my comfort zone which always causes growth. We also have very different manners of doing business and it's challenging me to expand my perspective. All amazing things!!!

So What's The Investment?

You actually might laugh at how cost effective this is!  It's like that on purpose! YOU GET TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS and have a cost effective way to do with people who are like minded and will not only cheer you on, but be there to hold you accountable too!


This valuable mastermind group is ONLY $347/month!

Yep! That's it!


Pay per month or pay up front- it's your choice. If you pay IN FULL up front... you'll save $182! ONLY $1900 in full




To receive all the added benefits of being a VIP is ONLY $547/month!

Pay per month or pay up front- it's your choice. If you pay IN FULL up front... you'll save $282! ONLY $3000 in full


*** Must APPLY to be a part of this Soul Sister Mastermind 4.0

This group will be a great place to practice and show your new offers, speeches or services. A commitment to self and learning to hold for a group of powerful women. Learn, grow and expand while offering your expertise as well.


I am excited for this time together. Welcome to the Soul Sisters Mastermind 3.0.

Camille Telicia - Business Empowerment Coach

I have absolutely loved being a part of Elyse's Mastermind Group! In addition to the sisterhood and friendships we have all created, there is something truly special about being able to integrate spirituality into business conversations.


As a part of the group, I have gained more clarity on the direction I plan on taking my business and as a result have gained new clients and created a new course. Additionally, I have increased both my confidence and my sense of inner peace. Meditation is now a part of my daily practice, and I truly feel that I have more access to my higher-self and divine team than before starting this Mastermind Group.

Elyse is one of my spiritual coaches! She is an intuitive healer and works with you to help release blocks, get closer to your higher spiritual self, and guide you based on divine messages she receives through her intuition or angel cards or both. She also helps you get in touch with your own inner Goddess/Queen energy so that you can move through life powerfully.

Aliya Levinson - Business Success & Mindset Coach

When I first connected with Elyse I immediately sensed her generosity of spirit, passion for her craft, and total wisdom. I was like "I want to be bff's with this amazing woman!" I ended up joining her mastermind and seriously REGULARLY thank myself for making that decision. Not only has joining the mastermind helped me in my own business, but it's helped me connect at such a deep level to who I am and what I want. And really, REALLY knowing those things is crucial when it comes to having a sustainable and fulfilling business. 


Elyse has a way of seeing people for exactly who they are and sensing exactly what they need. That's part of what makes her such an incredible person to work with, let alone be around! If you're looking to explore your spirituality, bring compassion and authenticity into your life and your business, and open doors you didn't think possible for yourself in finance, fulfillment, you name it- Elyse is your girl. Hit her UP! 

Now is the Time!

Join us for the

Soul Sisters Mastermind

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