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Weekend Awakened


Experience everything from the Weekend Awakened (details below)



* Get a focused, simple plan for your business

* Understand your business from new perspectives

* Learn to create, manifest & succeed from your Intuition & Soul

This is truly a weekend dedicated to you.



*** 1:1 Healing/Coaching Weekend with me! (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual)

*** 1 full day & 2 half days/2 nights of self-love, energy clearing, self discovery, connection to Higher Self, yoga and other fun activities, radiant vibration and clear direction on moving forward


Example Weekend Flow


DAY 1:

- Once you travel into Florida, you will be put up in a beautiful, botique hotel near the beach.

- You'll have a welcome basket in your room with all kinds of goodies to support you on your weekend journey.

- Dinner is simple with our first get together being this night. Getting to know each other better & setting up the weekend.

- You'll experience a Spa massage to relax you and prep you for your Soul Awakening experience.


DAY 2:

- I will come meet you for breakfast and we'll begin chatting about your journey & discovering what we'll dive into for the weekend. Each activity, exercise and healing session through the weekend is meant to support you in going inward, connecting to your Higher Self, listening to the messages meant specifically for you, learning tools and ways to trust your Intuition and surrendering to the process so you may spread your wings and FLY!

- We'll begin some in depth work. You'll receive a chakra alignment session from me... hands on clearing and healing as well as using beautiful earth crystals to raise your vibration and clear your aura. This is a great way to bust up any fears or resistence that you may be holding onto.

- We'll move into an Angel Card reading and invite your Spirit Guides and Angels to share what they have for you.

- Meditation and reflection time comes next. These moments will be abundant during our time together as it allows you to connect to your Higher Self and receive.

- We'll have a wonderful healthy lunch to further your healing and discovery.

- After lunch we'll go on an adventure. Some of the activities may include a beach bike ride, hike, yoga, rollerblading, etc. This will be specific to your journey and totally customized for YOU.

- Meditation & reflection time

- We'll be together for a nice dinner, creating a plan and sharing what has been coming up for you over the weekend thus far

- A sunset meditation will be a nice close to the day


DAY 3:

- You'll have silent time in the morning and breakfast on your own- again, a time of reflection and healing.

- We'll meet up for a nice, relaxing yoga session where I will tailor the movement and poses to you and your journey.

- We'll go over action steps and your personalized plan for when you return home

- You will then receive a closing blessing

APPLICATION ONLY - Click below to send a request & apply!





* Investment Includes:



2 Nights Hotel Stay

Transportation from airport to hotel & back to airport upon departure

5 Meals Plus Healthy Snacks

Welcome Basket of Goodies

A Pampering, Relaxing Massage

12 - 15 hours of Healing/ Coaching Time with Me

Chakra Clearing & Alignment

Personalized Angel Card Reading

Private Yoga Session

Activity  (Ex: biking, rollerblading, vollyball...)

All materials and tools customized for your support (Ex: worksheets, books...)

A Detailed, Loving Plan for You to Continue as You Depart

Love, Blessings, and Guidance


This weekend is for you! However, if you would like to share the experience and bring someone along with you such as your sister, friend or business partner, you may do so...


All investments and costs to be discussed once application is in!






Fill in the Application below to send a request & apply!


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