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Support in strength and balance. Great for Solar Plexus Chakra. Protects and shields from negativity. Connects your to Earth and brings positive vibes.

Yellow Jasper with Gold

  • - There are NO refunds or returns.


    - Store your product in wood or porcelain box or something like a mesh or cloth bag. This supports oxidation to the metal as well as keeping the energy charged in your crystal.



    - Clearing & Charging your stones- some helpful hints when you feel like the energy has become stuck or icky or when you feel like it's lost it's charge:


    *Use sage to burn and clear energy.


    *Set your stone out in the moonlight (on your windowsill or actually outside) or in the sun to cleanse and charge. You can do this from 12- 36 hours. (Note: Amethyst, Citrine and Rose Quartz could fade if placed in the sunlight.)


    *Place your stone on or near a growing healthy plant for 24hours.

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