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Deep Dive

Healing, Meditation & Reading

I have never offered something quite like this before!

Do you need a some relaxation and reboot time for you?

Are you in transition in your life (relationship, career, health)?

Do you feel 'out of alignment' or 'out of balance' in any way?

Do you enjoy connecting with your intuition and spiritual self?

Do you LOVE personal development, growth and embracing the journey?

Get excited, because this event is for you!

You will get 3 POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, INTENTIONAL hours dedicated to you and your spirit.

This will be a calm, gentle experience that keeps you feeling good while connecting your body, mind and soul.

- This Women's Circle event will be online and interactive.

Enjoy this LIVE group video event where we will share, communicate and feel supported.

* 3 Hours of LIVE Women's Circle Experience




* BONUS 1:1 Session

* BONUS 3 Recorded Meditations

Saturday, May 6th from 11am -2pm EST



I have learned many lessons in my life about healing. I have experienced bone bruises, bones chips, metal toxicity (from my braces), candida, melanoma skin cancer, parents getting divorced, having a miscarriage, overcoming the feeling and 'knowing' of my worth and so on. 

Healing is a beautiful process because it helps with physical, emotional and spiritual mending.

Connecting with my spirit and intuition allows me to feel joy, passion and experience life with every vibrant color I choose to see!

I have held workshops, retreats, local events and 1:1 healing/coaching... but I have never offered THIS combo before. This is an opportunity to experience a mini retreat right in the comfort of your own home. Plus there is a BONUS 1:1 Session that comes with this!

Details below

During this Women's Circle Deep Dive Experience, you will:


  • Take a journey into your soul and your heart's desires

  • Learn to honor yourself and appreciate your body, mind & soul

  • Experience a loving, safe, beautiful space to relax, let go and surrender

  • Have an opportunity to share and request healing for yourself and loved ones

  • Connect with your Intuition, Angeles, Loved Ones and Source

  • Receive deep, precious healing.

  • Receive a detailed, personalized, loving message from your Angels & Guides

  • Have an opportunity to share your experience and engage with the other women

  • Experience a 1:1 session, as well, that is will support you on a deeper more personalized level

  • Discover the MIRACLES that are available to you



What to Expect:



- Introductions, grounding and creating our sacred space

- Blessings and requests for healing - self, loved ones, the planet, etc

- Breathing techniques, opening meditations and exercises



- Shares, journaling and insights

- Deep dive healing and journey

- Working through physical, spiritual, emotional and astral bodies



- Shares, journaling and insights

- Receiving Messages: Angel Readings & Energy Readings

- Connecting and opening your heart to receive and closing meditations



As a follow up... you'll receive a full 1 hour 1:1 Healing/Coaching Session with Elyse

(VALUE $250)


As soon as you sign up... you'll receive 3 different guided meditations so you can start get results immediately:

1. A one minute meditation for a quick pick me up

2. A 7-10 minute meditation for healing

3. A 7-10 minute meditation that supports you in sleeping well and actually receiving all the benefits that sleep is meant to provide

There is a limited number of spots available for this event. Normally to work with me it's $250 a hour and even a single Angel Card Reading is anywhere from $175 to $250... and  you will be getting 4 hours of time with me, your own Angel Reading, plus some incredible meditations to take home with you. The group portion of the event will also be recorded so if you want to go back and connect with any of the exercises or meditations, you can!

Are You Ready To Take Action?


Women's Circle Deep Dive

3 Hour LIVE, Interactive Healing, Meditation & Reading

Saturday, May 6th from 11am -2pm EST

+ Bonus 1:1 Session

+ 3 Guided Meditation

ONLY $347

Claim your spot NOW before it's sold out!

Book My Spot

Withing 48 hours you will receive a WELCOME email, meditations and any information that pertains to this event. Please be on the look out. If for some reason you do not receive your welcome packet... please contact us to let us know.

Hey! Hey! I'm Elyse Falzone.


I am thrilled to guide you through women's circle deep dive event. As I've experienced my own journey through meditation and healing, I am confidence in being your guide to accessing and witnessing Miracles when it comes to your meditation practice and your journey through this time together.


I am a powerful, passionate intuitive healer and spiritual life coach. I am here to help people remember the Truth of who they are.


You deserve self love, easy and flow in your life and to have the tools to not only witness the miracles, but to become a co-creator of them!


Excited to witness and experience your adventures, trials and triumphs of this meditation course.


Love & Awakening,


Book My Spot

Withing 48 hours you will receive a WELCOME email, meditations and any information that pertains to this event. Please be on the look out. If for some reason you do not receive your welcome packet... please contact us to let us know.

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