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A Wise, Intuitive, Loving, Divine journey to rediscover the Truth of who you are....

an experience like no other.

Join 9 other adventurous, soulful women for a transformational week in Bali, Indonesia where you will have the opportunity dive into the richness of your soul and discover the worthy, gorgeous, purposeful pieces

of your being.


Unlocking the passions, desires and

wisdom of your heart.


Freeing yourself from the past and gaining access to infinite possibilities.


Having a renewed, loving relationship with

ALL of who you are.


A radiant spiritual experience, realigning you with your Divine purpose


Laughter, celebration and a sisterhood

that will last lifetimes.

PLUS... experience all the Balinese culture, adventure and fun!

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Welcome To Your Own


Sacred Womens Circles

Healing Soul Activations

Dance, Yoga & Connected Movement

Deep Dive Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Personal Chef + Delicious Food

Spiritual Cleanse in Balinese Water Temple

Wisdom of Balinese Healers

Bali Culture

Balinese Dance

Full Moon Drum Circle

Are you ready to...


Discover your passions &

AWAKEN your creative spirit


Heal & free yourself from the past & step

into your powerful WILD woman


Rediscover your beauty

& celebrate ALL of who you are.


Align with your purpose


Gain clarity for the next steps in

your journey.


Create lifetime friendships and a

sisterhood of love & support.

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What's Included...

 * Transfer to private villa and back to airport in Bali

(during predetermined time periods)

* Your 7 night stay in a traditional Balinese Jungle Villa


*All Breakfast + "On Site" Meals Included

*Tea, Coffee & Water Available

*Over 7 healing experiences + Yoga & Movement Daily

*Balinese Temple Spiritual Water Ceremony

*Visit Balinese Healer, Coffee Plantation, Monkey Forest + More


*Other Classes + Experiences


*Full Itinerary Coming Soon*

What's NOT Included...

 * Travel/Airfare to Bali and anything relating to it.

(Current/Valid Passport, Bags, Food during travel, etc)

*When you enter into Bali, you are responsible for a

"VISA on Arrival" $0-$35 and a potential (very small)

departure tax that may or may not already be in the price of your plane tickets.

(There will be more info on this as the trip gets closer)

* You will have some "free-time" during your stay which you will be responsible for any adventures, massages, market visits and/or "off site" meals during this time.

(Keep in mind, Bali prices are much less expensive than the US)

* Any items you purchase for your own enjoyment or any

gifts to bring home to others.

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So... Are YOU Ready For An Experience Of A Lifetime?

Discover the WILD Woman within...

The organic, graceful, sensual, Divine feminine who creates, receives abundance and expresses her wild desires of her soul. And the balance of her grounded, focused strength of the Divine masculine; bridging a beautiful balance of the

Sacred Divine Union. 



October 13th- October 20th, 2019 

A Wise, Intuitive, Loving, Divine journey to rediscover the Truth of who you are....

And experience this journey with 9 other adventurous, soulful women where you will have the opportunity to dive into the richness of your soul and discover the

worthy, gorgeous, purposeful pieces of your being.

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Your Bali Villa Room Awaits You...

which one is calling you?

Enjoy your entire private secluded tropical paradise, a hidden compound of 6 houses on over a half acre of fern gardens, bamboo groves, frangipani trees, and jungle, yet 5 minutes walking distance to a local Balinese market.

It's so Divine!


Arrival- October 13th, 2019 

Departure- October 20th, 2019

Villa bathroom.jpg
Villa Ganesh.jpg
Villa twin beds.jpg
Villa bed.jpg
Villa tub.jpg
Villa jungle.jpg

2 VIP Packages SOLD

Private Room

Balinese Massage

1:1 Healing with Gina

1:1 Healing with Elyse

= $3,700​


1 Queen Bed Shared Room

Shared Room

Own Queen Bed

= $3,000​

1 Large Double Bed Shared Room

Shared Room

Your Own Large Double Bed

= $2,900​


6 Twin Beds Shared Room

Shared Room

1 Twin Bed

= $2,800​


* Note: For an add-on, there will be an option to book PRE & POST Retreat Healing & Energy Sessions with Gina & Elyse at a special rate. 

It's Time to BOOK!


Choose Your Bed/Room Type


Fill Out The Waiver/Contract



Pay $500 Deposit



(Note: If you'd like to pay a larger chunk or

Pay In Full- Please message us here.)

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Meets Your Hosts & Facilitators


For any questions, please email

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