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Certified Healers Course

Time to Get CERTIFIED!

Marie- $322

I do not want to build a spiritual business, but just want to learn the healing techniques for myself... is this course still for me? Yes! It totally is! Will there be business tools and marketing tips, yes... but these are all skills and knowledge that you can take into any area of life with you. I encourage you to navigate this journey regardless of the outcome.

How long do I have to complete the certification? What if I am too busy? The course time is a 12 month course, with the option and opportunity to get your certification at the 9 month mark. However, if you choose to move at a slower pace through the course, that's ok. You'll have 2 years to turn all of your assignments in and complete the practicums (from the date that you turn in your Month 1 homework) and still receive your certification. After the 2 year mark, if you want to receive your certification, there will be a small fee and you'll need to start the course from the beginning as the content will continually be updated.

Do I HAVE to get certified? No- of course not! If this is something you'd like to take on, learn and explore without the intention of certification, that is totally ok. This is YOUR journey and I honor you.

Do you offer a payment plan? Yes! I totally do. This makes it easy for you and easy for me. You'll find the payment options at the bottom of this page!

What is your refund policy? Your 'deposit' for this course is non refundable as it solidifies and holds your spot in the course. For the remainder of the course, my heart believes you won't even need to think about this, but I know having an answer to this question can bring peace of mind. You will have the opportunity to get your money back during the first module (the first month) only. Once the content is released, you can dive into the work and studies and if you feel it is not a good fit for you, no problem! Submit your Month 1 homework in an email to and you'll receive the refund for Month 1. 

Will this process involve Unicorns? Hahaha! I just had to see if you were paying attention. We will most certainly have a great time, explore the magic and miracles that this world has to offer. I am excited for this journey.

Hey! Hey! I'm Elyse Falzone.


I am thrilled to guide you through this Certified Healer's Course. As I've experienced my own journey of awakening and tapping into my spiritual gifts, as well as my own meditation and healing process, I am confidence in being your guide to accessing and witnessing Miracles when it comes to your journey through this certification.


I am a powerful, passionate intuitive healer and spiritual life coach. I am here to awaken women to their TRUTH and ignite more teachers, healers and guides into this world.

I have been on this journey, what seems like my whole life, and received countless support and training from teachers, mentors, coaches and courses for over 15 years. I have spoken as a guest expert for numerous podcasts, masterminds and webinars as well as facilitated women's circles, retreats and transformations all over the country.


You deserve self love, easy and flow in your life and to have the tools to not only witness the miracles, but to become a co-creator of them!


Excited to witness and experience your adventures, trials and triumphs of this certification course.


Love & Awakening,


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