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5 Day Spiritual Bootcamp

with Intuitive Healer, Elyse Falzone

Day 1: Stress Buster Video

*Please Note: If you are pregnant or in the bleed phase of your cycle... use a normal breath instead of the breath of fire for this meditation

Hey! Hey! I'm Elyse Falzone.


I am thrilled to guide you through this 5 Day Spiritual Bootcamp. As I've experienced my own journey through meditation and healing, I am confidence in being your guide to accessing and witnessing Miracles when it comes to your meditation practice and your journey through this course.


I am a powerful, passionate intuitive healer and spiritual life coach. I am here to help people remember the Truth of who they are.


You deserve self love, easy and flow in your life and to have the tools to not only witness the miracles, but to become a co-creator of them!


Excited to witness and experience your adventures, trials and triumphs of this meditation course.


Love & Awakening,


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