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This 4 Week Meditation Miracles Course

will support you in creating a flow and intention behind your meditation, which will support in all areas of life. This is your opportunity to go deeper and expand your realms of possibility!


Do you have a desire to meditate, but you're not sure where to start?


Does the thought of meditation frighten you- the practice, the possibilities, the 'being still'?


Have you tried to meditate before, but felt like you were unsuccessful?


Do you LOVE meditation, but feel there is a deeper place to access?


Do you think meditation is great in theory, but you really have no idea how you personally can benefit?


Get excited, because this course is for you!









I have had my own journey with meditation and it wasn't pretty in the beginning!

I would struggle to sit for 3 minutes- YES - only 3 minutes.


As I began to take on the practice of meditation and actually committed to myself

and the process... what became available to me was incredible.

Not only could I sit for longer periods of time (6 hours at times),

but I began to get to know myself, find peace and generate creativity like never before.


My connection to myself, my Creator and my purpose became clear and life began to show me

it's vibrant, radiant energy all the time. I am excited and honored to lead you through this program

so you, too, can find, attract and discover what is right there for you.




During this 4 week course, you will:


  • Deepen your meditation practice

  • Create a flow that feels good and produces results

  • Learn about energy, the benefits of meditation and how it can serve you in your life

  • Learn how to ask and receive during meditation

  • Learn and discover your own belief systems that support you and those that you are ready to discard and replace with new

  • With the support of a group, you'll hear that you are not alone in your struggles and triumphs

  • Have accountability and support with weekly videos, tips, tools and a FB group that will keep you on track, grow in your learning and expand your soul.

  • Discover the MIRACLES that are available to you



The 4 Week Course:



- BONUS section that supports you in learning about the history of meditation as well as getting you prepped and ready to dive into this course. 



- We'll talk about & I'll guide you through breathing techniques & different choices you can make during your meditation time

- The Power of 3 Minutes will be presented and how to incorporate mini stress releiving breaks in your day

- Practice your breathing & meditation- when, where, how (Set your practice)



- Discuss and dive into Mantras and how you can use them in your practice (plus examples you can use)

- Guided Meditation: Use it? Don't use it? How it can be very beneficial when working on a specific intention

- Types of Music and why you may or may not incorporate it into your meditation



- Ask For What You Want: Learn how to set clear intentions and come out of your meditation with answers

- Receiving Messages: Taking your meditation to the next leve, opening your senses to all possibilities

- Angels: Feel hear and experience your Angels or loved ones who have passed- tips, tools and allowing



- Alternative Meditation Practices: including Yoga, Walking Meditations, Exercise

- Sacred Space, Clearing your energy, Meditation with kids/family



- Each week there will be bonus material to practice, learn and discover

- You'll have plenty of resources to support you on this journey

- FB group that you can share your experience, ask questions and give/receive love











What Students Are Saying


"I discovered that I love meditating with the sun and feel my connection to meditation is stronger in the presence of the sun. I learned that focusing on my breathing gives me a more focused meditation." - Tasha C. : Mom of 4, Cancer Thriver & Biz Woman

I have learnt that meditation helps me connect to my creator. Our meditation work allowed me to quiet my mind to hear his voice. Also that at any moment I can go to the grass and connect and ground myself. - Brooke T.  : Swim Instructor & International Wellness Coach


"My favorite part about the class was how Elyse broke down how simple Meditation actually is. She demystified the beast and made it accessible to me. Somehow allowing permission from my ego to let go and let it happen." - Emily R. : Mom of 2 & Pilates Instructor


How it Works:


This 4 week course is held completely online!


When you sign up, you will gain access to a members only area where each week you will gain access to all course content for that specific week.


Each week will be a combination of videos, meditation exercises, lessons and guided support.


You will have access to a private Facebook group specifially designed to share your experiences and get your questions answered.

You'll get Lifetime Access to the tools, videos and resources that are a part of this program.





Are You Ready To Take Action?


4 Week Meditation Miracles Course







Hey! Hey! I'm Elyse Falzone.


I am thrilled to guide you through this 4 week meditation process. As I've experienced my own journey through meditation and healing, I am confidence in being your guide to accessing and witnessing Miracles when it comes to your meditation practice and your journey through this course.


I am a powerful, passionate intuative healer and spiritual life coach. I am here to help people remember the Truth of who they are.


You deserve self love, easy and flow in your life and to have the tools to not only witness the miracles, but to become a co-creator of them!


Excited to witness and experience your adventures, trials and triumps of this meditation course.


Love & Awakening,






Are You Ready To Say YES?


4 Week Meditation Miracles Course





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