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Courses & Programs


 Ignite your own personal healing and offer a ‘reset’ to your mind body and soul.

Exercises, Meditations, Journal Prompts and so much more!!!

After these 4 weeks, you’ll experience a new relationship with your body, reduce the amout of stress you feel, gain mental clarity, create/start a plan for your own spiritual health & well being, know how to connect to your intuition and begin to awaken your inner soul’s desires again.

​​Meditation Miracles Course


A 4-week guided course to learn the ins and outs of meditation. Grow deeper in your connection to Spirit & self, understand meditation on a whole new level and discover some added opportunities that are available to you through your meditation practice.



5 Day Spiritual Bootcamp
5 Days of mini healing sessions just for you. Learn 5 different powerful exercises and tools that can change your life and awaken your soul. Come away from this 5 days with less stress, rejuvenation, clarity and inner power.
Certified Healer's Course


A 12 month certification program designed for those who feel called to serve this planet. We'll uncover, discover and awaken your spiritual gifts. You'll learn multiple techniques, methods and modalities to become a Certified Healer.

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2018-2019 Class

​​Womb Embrace

A 4 week course to connect, communicate and embrace your little one with spiritual guidance. The pregnancy journey is a beautiful, tiring and exciting one. You and your growing baby deserve to get the most out of it. This will be a calm, gentle experience that keeps you feeling good while prepping your body, mind and soul for your baby.


​​The Power Up Program


A 7-week Chakra program to balance, heal and rejuvenate your energy systems. Get tangible tools and easy daily actions you can take to power up! Feel like a new person after these 7 weeks. Gain clarity, creativity, rest & relaxation, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and own your power like never before.

Email: to gain access to this.



Soul Sisters Mastermind


Welcome to a world where Soul, Business & Sisterhood meet up. This is a LIVE coaching/mastermind experience. The growth, connection, collaboration and laughter that these groups encounter are beyond words. You'll have to see for yourself all the miracles and possibilities that become reality when you join the Soul Sister Mastermind.

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