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What to Expect in a 12 Month Forecast

Each year I bring these forward into the space, I feel SO much joy in my heart. This is quite possibly one of my favorite offerings all year long!

This year Spirit has shown me a greater, deeper experience for these sessions... a full on CEREMONY.

A ceremony to bring in your next year.

A ceremony to honor your voice, your desires, your vision.

A ceremony to remind you of your brilliance, radiance and power.

We'll gather between 60-90 minutes session via video with guidance to set your space before jumping on the call.


You'll be guided and held in a beautiful, sacred setting while we dive into your desires, wishes and intentions for your next year.


During the session, you'll get an opportunity to receive Divinely guided messages and guidance for the next 12 months:

- Relationships

- Health

- Business

- Living situation

- Personal journey

- Energy flow & more!


We will lay out your entire year for 2024... working with the angels, working with your guides and bringing in elements, such as crystals that are your “energetic medicine” for the year and different aspects for you to work with including things from nature.

During our time together, we'll tap into the energetics, emotions and blocks that may show up throughout your year.

Spirit will bring through the messages, signs, and themes that are special to you.

We talk about the year as a whole, dive into each month and even discover what themes, crystals and flowers that will be helpful and supportive through your year.

This is about the cycles of life, pacing and the ebb and flow of energies.

One of my favorite parts is how beautiful and unique each reading is.

Once the reading is complete, we'll seal the space with a ceremonial experience, however Spirit delivers that. This will celebrate, honor and prepare your vessel for the NOW and what's to come.

These 12 Month Forecasts ARE POWERFUL & EPIC!

Don't Want The Full Ceremony Experience? Book a Mini 12 Month Forecast Reading Here
($131 for a 30 Minute Brief Overview and Look Into Your Year)


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