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Thanks for stopping by! My site is in massive need of an upgrade. The essence is the same, but the codes and the evolution... WOWZA.

These past 2 years have catapulted me deeper into the medicine I have to offer the world.

Feel free to bop around the site, but just know that I have many offerings that are not listed her on this site and pricing may also be different as those upgrades have come on in.

Again, welcome. I am glad you have arrived. Offer yourself some space to breathe and receive.

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Have you listened to my podcast yet?

I co-host the Awake & Soulful Podcast with my girl Gina Starbuck... talking energy, meditations, real life happenings and all things spiritual.

Now is the time to start living with passion and expressing your true, authentic self. Heal your past, release what's not serving you and say HELLO to YOU again. Let me be your guide back to your Higher Self, your Faith & spirituality and listening and trusting your intuition.

It is my joy and pleasure to guide and support you in connecting with your intuition, teaching mindfulness and daily practices, deepening your connection with Faith & Spirit, healing from within and awakening your soul. Whether you choose to work 1:1 with me or as part of a group program, I will hold space for your transformation and create a space of love, light and acceptance. 

My clients have experienced a wide range of results including,

- Learning and staying committed to a daily practice (meditation/prayer, yoga, gratitude, etc)

- Understanding personal worth and self love

- Rediscovering or discovering for the first time a relationship with God

- Healing past hurts and welcoming forgiveness

- Alleviating physical, spiritual and emotional pains

- Connecting with passions and joys of life

- Discovering and awakening spiritual gifts & talents

- Launching & elevating businesses

- Speaking in front of groups of people, small and large

- Going from $30,000 income to over $100,000 within a 4 month time frame

- Learning the ins and outs of healing self and others

- How to connect with Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones

I am looking forward to connecting with you and being your partner in the transformation, healing and

miracles in your life. 

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